Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions BUSIN N CLUBIN LTD


1.1  Please be aware any monies paid to Busin N Clubin are non-refundable, this includes deposits and full and final payments. If making payment by Credit Card there is a 3% charge, this will be added to your booking. The is no charge for using a Debit Card.

1.2  If any private hire final payment is not made on or before the 14 day deadline Busin N Clubin reserve the right to cancel the booking and no refund will be given as your booking will be considered cancelled.

1.3  Busin N Clubin reserve the right to terminate or cancel your booking, if any of the passengers on board cause damage, distress or in danger other passengers of staff with no monetary refunds being made.

1.4  Bookings unless agreed in writing before the date of hire, may use the vehicle for other hires during the time that it is not being used on the bookies hire.

1.5  Busin N Clubin may withdraw the vehicle if it has not been boarded 20 minutes after agreed departure time.

1.6  Extended length of hire for whatever reason caused with carry a surcharge of £75.00 per half hour

1.7  Busin N Clubin does not guarantee to complete journeys within a specified time and it will not accept liability for any inconvenience caused or loss caused from delays however caused except  in a case with Busin N Clubin have been negligent

1.8  Busin N Clubin takes reasonable steps to ensure the safety of its clients but accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage, injury , death or inconvenience arising from an accident, breakdown or delay to the vehicle. Busin N Clubin recommends that passengers should remain seated whilst the vehicle is moving. Any passengers standing so at their own risk and Busin N Clubin will not be held liable injuries, death or any other loss caused by these actions.

1.9  Any personable belongings or valuables left on the vehicle at any time by any passengers are left at the owners own risk. Busin N Clubin with not be held responsible for any loss or damaged belongings.

1.10        The bookie is liable to pay for any damage to the vehicle caused by any passengers.

1.11        No passengers are to eat or smoke on the vehicle at any time

1.12        If Busin N Clubin were to suffer any financial loss due to your passengers neglect or default; you as the bookie agree to pay the costs to Busin N Clubin in addition to the agreed hire cost.

1.13        Complaints must be received in writing within 7 days to info@businnclubin.co.uk .  Busin N Clubin will then endeavour to respond within a 7 day period.

1.14        On signing and returning your booking form to Busin N Clubin you and your passengers agree to the Terms and Conditions entirely.

1.15        Any parking tickets that issued to Busin N Clubin that we incur whilst delivering our service as per your instruction throughout the hire, however caused, except  were Busin N Clubin have be negligent, will be liable to the person/s of whom booked the hire.

1.16        You the bookie may wish to submit a proposed route for the bus to take, but please be aware that the route taken will be at the discretion of the driver.

1.17        As you the bookie you intend to rely on the Conditions set out in this document and the Booking Form, these Conditions shall not be varied unless agreed to in writing by both parties.

1.18        For certain late night hires Busin N Clubin requires a Insurance bond of £150.00 to be held by Busin N Clubin for any damage or soiling of the vehicle. This will then be return the following week providing no damage or soiling has occurred from your group.





Night Club Tour Only

1.19        Busin N Clubin does not guarantee entrance to any of the venues used. Management at the venues reserve the right to reject entrance to any persons or group for any reason. Busin N Clubin does not accept responsibility if the management of the venue do not permit entrance or removes you or your group from the venue at any time.

1.20        The driver is responsible for the safety of the vehicle, any action by any member of your group which he deems to threaten him, the other passengers or the bus, will result in your group being removed from the vehicle with immediate effect.

1.21        Groups booking the Night Club Tour must pay a Insurance Bond of £150.00 to be held by Busin N Clubin for any damage or soiling of the vehicle. This will then be return the following week providing no damage or soiling has occurred from your group.

1.22        You and your group agree to board the vehicle punctually at the designated times, after 15 minutes of waiting Busin N Clubin reserves the right to depart.

Return To Sender Service

1.23        Return To Sender Service provides groups a means to get to and from the meeting point of the Night Club Tour this may be provided by Mini-bus/Coach or the actual vehicle itself but these forms of transport are by no means exhaustive.

1.24        Return To Sender service consists of one pick up point and one drop off point at the end of the evening. The time of departure is 02:00 unless agreed by both the bookie and Busin N Clubin in writing.

1.25        This is an additional service and prices vary on group size, pick up point and destination. The cost of this service will be agreed in advance.

1.26        Cost of this service is additional to the cost of the Night Club Tour Ticket.

1.27        The cost of this service shall be paid in full same time as the Night Club tour price.